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LD Facts

Glossary of LD Terms

This glossary is a compilation of terms and definitions of some of the most common ...
LD Facts

Myths & Facts About LDs

Myth: Learning disabilities (LDs) do not really exist. Fact: LDs are real. Recent research indicates ...
LD Facts

What You Should Know About LDs

Learning Disabilities (LDs) are specific neurological disorders that affect the brain's ability to store, process, ...
LD Facts

Introduction to Assistance Technology

There are numerous technological aides available for learners with disabilities in order to assist and ...
LD Facts

Fostering Motivation in LD/ADHD Kids

Steven is 11 and in the fifth grade. His reading problem causes him to read ...
LD Facts

Effective Teacher-Parent Partnerships

All too often, parents and teachers find themselves embroiled in disagreements about how best to ...