How do I get assessed for a Learning Disability?

On PEI the current path for getting assessed is set out below. There may be other options that LDAPEI is not aware of but as these become known the website will be updated.


School-age children

If you believe your child may have an LD you can discuss it with your child’s school. This may initially be with a homeroom teacher who will have worked with your child and may already be implementing supports if your child appears to have some educational difficulty.

Where these techniques have not been successful the teacher will refer to colleagues such as the school’s Resource Teacher. Your child may receive additional support outside the regular classroom and this support may help your child stay level with their peers.

If the Resource Teacher tests and believes there is a more fundamental issue (such as Learning Disabilities) they will discuss it with the school administration and refer to Student Services. At this point, a Psychological Educational Assessment by a school psychologist may be considered.

As with any service, there are limited resources so there will generally be a delay in an assessment being undertaken. This may extend to several years depending on competing priorities for assessments (such as autism, behavioural, and other potential impairments).

At this point, if you feel an assessment is needed sooner the option is to go private. The main option is a private psychologist and there can be significant wait lists.
There is a list of registered psychologists provided by the PEI Psychological Association. You would need to gauge which of them may be best for you (female/male/others recommendations etc). Some have extensive wait times others have shorter lists. Broadly if someone is newer to the registry, they may be establishing a practice, but they will have the same training as someone who has been here a while.

The tests administered by all psychologists would be similar. Here is the link:

The psychologist indicates they work with or specialize in working with adults/children and, as with their Government peers, they will be empathetic towards the concerns of whomever they see. There are sometimes faster assessment times with psychologists off Island. They are all doing the same assessments so the results would be no different from that of a psychologist testing here. You may be able to arrange an appointment via Zoom or in person. There is also a Ph.D. program at the UPEI Department of Psychology. They may provide some assessments in certain cases. All the psychologists undertaking their Ph.D. are trained psychologist upgrading their skills.



If an adult in post-secondary education contacts Student Affairs at whichever institution they are enrolled in should be contacted.

University of Prince Edward Island Student Affairs and the Webster Centre for Student Success:

At Holland College: