Introduction to Assistance Technology

There are numerous technological aides available for learners with disabilities in order to assist and compensate for their specific disabilities.


Currently listed there are over a hundred different technological aides for all learners, ensuring that those who wish to learn can do so without the hindrance of their disabilities. These products are available at most computer/software retailers and distributors.


Below are a sampling of the types of technology available.

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a software from Nuance which transcribes voice-to-text in order to assist the learner with common writing difficulties.


The Classmate tool is designed to improve reading and comprehension through promoting phonetic recognition and fluency.


Kurzweil 3000 is an all inclusive aide designed to prepare and present classroom material in a variety of alternative formats, and allows the learners to design and choose which format they like the best!


ClaroRead is a multi-sensory software that provides alternative strategies on reading material. This software is designed as easy to use, and based on maximum flexibility, and adaptability.