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Helpful Apps

There are several apps available to support learners with reading and writing difficulties. The ‘Wheel of Apps’ is not comprehensive, but attempts to identify relevant, useful apps and categorize them according to some of the challenges faced by people with dyslexia. Note that some apps address a range of difficulties.

Mod Math

Mod Math is a free iPad app that helps kids with dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia do their math homework. The app was originally designed by parents who were unable to find anything available to help their son with his math homework. Mod Math has since become a non-profit charity and is working to expand the app to help all ages in a variety of mediums. The app is FREE and can be found in the app store.-For more information and videos, visit their website at www.modmath.com. 

Technology changes constantly.

LDAPEI can discuss what may be currently available in relation to your circumstances.

Further support and specific technology information is available at www.neilsquire.ca. The Neil Squire Society has been supporting Canadians with disabilities (including LDs) with technology and other supports since 1984 and has a local office in Charlottetown.