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Math Learning Disabilities Information & Facts

JUMP Math Program

JUMP Math is dedicated to helping children succeed at, and enjoy, learning math. JUMP is aware that there is a strong causal link between a child's academic success and his or her future contribution to society.

Types of math learning disabilities

(pronounced: dis kal kyoo lee uh)

Dyscalculia is a life-long learning disability that affects the ability to grasp and solve math concepts. People with dyscalculia often have difficulty manipulating numbers in their heads and remembering steps in formulas and equations. Just like dyslexia, people with dyscalculia can be taught to achieve success. 

For more information, visit www.aboutdyscalculia.org.

Visual processing disorders cause people to struggle with seeing the differences between similar letters, numbers, objects, colours, shapes and patterns. Like auditory processing disorders, visual processing disorders are not considered learning disabilities by the Canadian Government, but could be an issue when it comes to learning.

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