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Reading Program

Program Details

The Barton Reading and Spelling Program program is a remediation program that supports children and adults with reading and spelling difficulties, including dyslexia. It is available throughout the year, including the summer, in person or online.

  • Tutoring is offered in blocks of 10 weeks (a shorter block if only summer tutoring is requested). Sessions are based on one-hour blocks although within this time we are flexible to the needs of students (for example co-occurring with ADHD) therefore actual tutoring time will be less than one hour.
  • Most students are tutored for one session weekly although we can offer two sessions weekly if requested, and tutors are available.
  • Students’ progress through ‘Levels’ and master reading and spelling skills including decoding and strategies supporting their reading elsewhere.
  • Students’ progress at their own pace and the tutor ensures the learning is retained before moving on to a new concept.
  • At 8 weeks, tutors prepare a written review detailing what the student has been studying and their progress. At this point students/parents can decide if they wish to continue, and a further contract is prepared.
  • Tutoring takes place one-on-one.
  • In-person tutoring takes place at ‘hub’ sites which may be a school or a community location or the LDAPEI office.
  • LDAPEI does not offer tutoring in individual houses/apartments.
  • Tutors are either graduates from University Education programs, with a minimum B.Ed., and are certified and registered to teach on PEI, or they are studying on a current B.Ed. program.


Cost: $45 per session ($180 per month)

  • Payment may be by e-transfer, cheque or cash (e-transfer preferred).
  • A receipt will be issued shortly after payment is made.

For more information, please connect with us.

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