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Math Program

Program Details

JUMP Math is a remediation program that grows the confidence of students who have not reached Grade 8 math level. This program is used in conjunction with other supports that the tutor feels will benefit the student and their understanding of math concepts.

  • Tutoring is offered in blocks of 10 weeks (a shorter block if only summer tutoring is requested). Sessions are based on one-hour blocks although within this time we are flexible to the needs of students (for example co-occurring with ADHD) therefore actual tutoring time will be less than one hour.
  • Students’ progress at their own pace and the tutor ensures the learning is retained before moving on to a new concept.
  • At 8 weeks, tutors prepare a written review detailing what the student has been studying and their progress. At this point students/parents can decide if they wish to continue, and a further contract is prepared.
  • Tutoring takes place one-on-one.
  • In-person tutoring takes place at ‘hub’ sites which may be a school or a community location or the LDAPEI office.
  • LDAPEI does not offer tutoring in individual houses/apartments.
  • Tutors are either graduates from University Education programs, with a minimum B.Ed., and are certified and registered to teach on PEI, or they are studying on a current B.Ed. program.


Cost: $30 per session ($300 for ten-week contract) or $15 per session, if eligible for a subsidy based on household income (see registration form below).

  • Payment may be by e-transfer, cheque or cash (e-transfer preferred).
  • A tax receipt will be issued shortly after payment is made.
  • Subsidies are not currently available for math tutoring.

For more information, please connect with us.

Math Program Registration Form

Name of Student Being Registered for Tutoring(Required)
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If K to 12 currently. If not in school, enter 'none'.
Please give additional information here about why you are requesting tutoring support. Please attach any recent school reports, or psychological educational assessment and other important information. All information is treated in confidence and only seen by those with a legitimate need to do so.
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Tell us about yourself including your latest school report and any psychological assessments.
For example: school referral, professional referral, parent referral, online search, etc.