LD Facts

Introduction to Assistance Technology

There are numerous technological aides available for learners with disabilities in order to assist and compensate for their specific disabilities.   Currently listed there are over a hundred different technological aides for all learners, ensuring that those who wish to learn can do so without the hindrance of their disabilities. These products are available at…

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Fostering Motivation in LD/ADHD Kids

Steven is 11 and in the fifth grade. His reading problem causes him to read haltingly. On the day he knows he’ll be asked to read out loud at school, he develops a stomach ache.   Maria, age 9, is in the third grade. Her visual perception and fine motor problems interfere with her handwriting,…

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Effective Teacher-Parent Partnerships

All too often, parents and teachers find themselves embroiled in disagreements about how best to help children with special learning needs. Children are always winners when teachers and parents work together effectively. This partnership will insure that problems can be addressed quickly and that the needs of parents, school personnel, and students are reflected in…

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